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Education Shibir - 19th October 2014, Chendamangalam

An Education Shibir was organized at Panjajanyam Hall, Sree Venugopalakrsihnaswami Devaswom, Chendamangalam, on Sunday, 19th Oct 2014 from 10 am to 5 pm.

Shri. Vinodkumar Pai, Vice President of Sree Venugopalakrsihnaswami Devaswom, Chendamangalam inaugurated the Shibir by lighting the lamp. After samooha prarthana, Sri Devananda Bhat, Secretary, Venugopala Gramasabha, Chendamangalam conveyed welcome address. Sri. K S Ramachandra Pai, General Secretary of the Maha sabha gave a short explanation on the purpose of the Education Shibir. Sri Babuji Bhat, Devaswom Thanthri offered felicitations. Sri. Raveendranatha Pai, President, Venugopala Gramasabha, Sri Venu Prabhu, Sri Viswanatha Bhat, Chendamangalam were also present.  

Sri. R. Narasimha Achariar, Alappuzha conducted a class on “Our Culture – Fact and Practice”. Sri. Achariar gave a brief description as to why we are known as ‘Gowda Saraswath Brahmins’ tracing our roots to the banks of River Saraswathi, Gowda Desa, Gomantaka and finally to Gosripuram. He explained Culture as ‘Mental Enlightenment acquired through Inspired Intelligence’ and stressed on our distinct cultural model with the help of a power point presentation.

Second Session of the Shibir was on ‘Numerical Ability & Lateral Thinking’ and was guided by Prof. N Prabhakara Prabhu, Advisor, Education Cell. He stressed on the need to go beyond what we normally perceive and think in a lateral way taking the students through a series of mathematical teasers. The session was well attended by the students and even the parents present were very much enthusiastic.

After a light & healthy Phalahar, as it was an Ekadashi Day, Sri. Dinesh R. Kamath, Alappuzha gave the participants information on ‘Lessons from Shrimad Bhagavad Geetha’ to improve their life. Taking quotations from Geetha, practical tips were given to lead a tension free and successful life in the competitive world.

Fourth Session of the Shibir was taken by Dr Sanjeev Prabhu, Physiotherapist, Kodungalloor. He explained the students need for ‘Correct posture & corrective exercises’, especially for the new generation students spending much of their time on laptops and smart phones. Instances of correct and wrong postures were given with a demonstration of a series of simple exercises for various parts of the body, which every student should make it a part of their life to maintain a flexible and healthy body.

After the Vote of thanks by Sri. Venu Prabhu the Shibir concluded at 5.00 pm with Mangala Prarthana.

63 students from Chendamangalam and nearby places like Cherai, N. Parur & Mala actively participated. Presence of a good crowd of parents and other samaj bhandavs who attended the shibir with much interest & enthusiasm made the shibir a distinct one. At the end of the day, students openly expressed their experience of the day with lot of innovative thoughts and crave for such classes in future also.

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